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Gurevich P.S. To hear the meaning and the secret chord of the universe

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2016-12 in rubric "The stream of books", pages 1686-1692.

Resume: This material is associated with examination of the meanings and values of the European culture and characteristic to it controversies and antagonisms. The author leans on the two books, which came out this year in the list of publications by Svetlana Yakovlevna Levit Self-consciousness of Culture and Art. Western Europe and the United States and Art and Culture of Europe during the Renaissance and Modern Times. Compilation of Works in honor of Vsevolod Matveevich Volodarsky. Special attention is given to the chrestomathy that represent the cultural-philosophical works of the Western thinkers. The author highlights the activity of Renata Aleksandrovna Galtseva, who throughout many years collects, comments, and studies the classical works of the Western philosophy of culture. She also reveals a great experience of the cultural-philosophical reflection. The prepared by her compilations significantly expanded the space of the research work in the area of philosophy during Soviet times. They have an undisputable value even today, since they allow defending the dignity of academic thought, responding to the spiritual-historical shifts, as well as achieving mobilization of the spirit of the European philosophy. The authors of the book Art and Culture of Europe during the Renaissance and Modern Times touch upon various cultural aspects of the aforementioned decades. They carefully and attentively examined different processes, topics and documents of this time, contributing into the study of cultural potential of the era. These works are not only the collection of the important texts, but also a meaningful cultural campaign that is called to defend the great acquisitions of the philosophical classics due to the transformation of cultural-philosophical ideas during the crisis era.

Keywords: Art, Myth, History, Creative work, Archetype, Game, Mind , Civilization, Culture , Philosophy

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2016.12.20964

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