'The Role of Folk Pedagogy on a Genetic Predisposition in Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle Among the Younger Generation' Pedagogy and education nbpublish.com
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Malikov R.Sh., Galiev R.R., Gazizov F.G. The Role of Folk Pedagogy on a Genetic Predisposition in Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle Among the Younger Generation

Published in journal "Pedagogy and education", 2016-4 in rubric "Pedagogy", pages 363-366.

Resume: Genetic predisposition includes skills, readiness, inclinations and tendencyto do anything beforehand in a known manner. Genetic predisposition is widely and variously disclosed by Tatar folk pedagogy. This article discusses some external factors of genetic predisposition of children associated with their parents and relatives. In fact, there is a huge amount of them in Tatar folk pedagogy. Proverbs contribute to the proper choice of a life partner whichdirectly affects a healthy lifestyle. The authors of the article have used the following methods: pedagogical analysis and synthesis, scientific inquiry, historical, educational analysis, and analysis of folk pedagogy highlighting the most valuable material from the source. The authors have identified and justified theoretical and methodological bases of a healthy lifestyle and healthy living in the Tatar folk pedagogy as well as have identified philosophical and sociological foundations of a healthy lifestyle in the Tatar folk pedagogy reflected in the requirements for life, environment, and also depending on the genetic predisposition.

Keywords: sayings, proverbs, heredity, healthy lifestyle, means of education, genetic predisposition, folk pedagogy, education content, identity formation, growing generation

DOI: 10.7256/2306-434X.2016.4.20900

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