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Reshetnyak V.I. E-justice in Australias civil process

Published in journal "Law and Politics", 2016-12 in rubric "JUDICIAL POWER", pages 1513-1517.

Resume: The subject of this research is the examination of the use of information technologies in judicial system of Australia. For implementation of the new ways of handling cases, improvement of the access to the system of justice and increase of its efficiency, Australias judicial system develops the e-court strategy, which is called to encourage the achievement of goals of procedures, as well as provides multiple new opportunities, for example: informing citizens and lawyers about the work of courts in its various manifestations; ensuring accessibility of court rulings in civil cases for broad range of public; electronic data maintenance; electronic court filing; online court proceedings; system of case management; communication and circulation of documents between the court and the participants of the process or parties in the judicial procedure; substantiation by the parties of their position, creation of factual material, and provision of evidence to the court in the course of the legal case. The author demonstrates that the use of information technologies allows reducing the time required to conclude the case, decrease the cost of the procedure, simplify the process, as well as ensure the openness and accessibility of the court, increase efficiency of justice on civil cases. The conclusion is made that under the current conditions, the improvement of judicial system, including Russian, is associated with the development of information and communication technologies and their impactful use in the legal field.

Keywords: Parties, Court case, Australias judicial system, Russias legal system, System of electronic filing, Openness of the court, Efficiency of justice, E-justice, Information technologies, Civil process

DOI: 10.7256/1811-9018.2016.12.17045

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