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Markuntsov S.A., Markuntsova I.A. A.N. Radishchev - a revolutionary of Russian criminal law

Published in journal "The Union of Criminalists and Criminologists", 2015-3 in rubric "Writer-publicist criminalist-criminologist", pages 367-370.

Resume: Alexander Nikolayevich Radishchev was a well-known prosaist, poet and thinker, who, according to the definition of Catherine the Great, was a rebel worse than Pugachev, and in fact was a scientific revolutionary of Russian criminal law. His views toward criminal law Radishchev developed in almost every work on jurisprudence. His works are marked with broad expertise and sound generalizations, reflecting the sharp intelligence of a lawyer and a historian, a philosopher and a sociologist. Radishchev tried to realize his legal ideas in the form of legislative projects within the tsarist state system The research methodology is based on dialectics, abstraction, analysis, synthesis, deduction, the formal-legal, comparative-legal and statistical methods and the method of intersectoral legal sciences. A.N. Radishchev proposed a comprehensive, scientifically founded model of criminal law. Depending on the value priorities of the legal system, the model of criminal law, proposed by Radishchev, can be qualified as a person-centered model. This model of criminal law is one of the first doctrinal models in the context of Russian criminal law.

Keywords: Criminal Law, Restraint of liberty, Criminal, Criminal Code, Crime, Revolutionary, legal ideas, execution, State, Security

DOI: 10.7256/2310-8681.2015.3.20193

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Borisovskiy E.E. Predstavleniya otechestvennykh liberalov kontsa XVIII nachala XIX vv. o gosudarstve i prave // Pravo i politika. 2011. 12. C. 2090 - 2096.

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