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Morozov S.Yu., Medvedev E.V. Rail traffic safety provision: civil and criminological aspects

Published in journal "The Union of Criminalists and Criminologists", 2015-3 in rubric "Civil Law. Business Law. Family Law. International Private Law", pages 317-329.

Resume: The article considers civil and criminological aspects of rail safety provision. The authors study the civil measures, applied for the regulation of social relations in the sphere of carriage of passengers and cargos. The authors analyze criminal threats to rail traffic safety and consider the problem of defining a list of internal and external threats to rail traffic safety. The article outlines the definition of the rail traffic safety concept in the criminal aspect. The authors conclude about the necessity to change some legislative formulations and amend the current version of the Criminal Code. The research methodology is based on dialectics, abstraction, analysis, synthesis, deduction, the formal-legal, comparative-legal and statistical methods and the method of intersectoral legal sciences. Taking into consideration the state which is traditionally understood as a state of safety of the vital interests of the society in general, and at the same time bearing in mind the specificity of rail traffic, it is necessary to consider rail traffic safety not only as a safety from the dangers to life and health of people, but also as a threat to property interests, environmental system, etc.

Keywords: penal mechanism, transport system elements, equipment, cargo, carriage, agreement, transport, transportation security, destruction, damage

DOI: 10.7256/2310-8681.2015.3.20194

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