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Trofimova G.A. Constitutional responsibility of individuals with a special status of stay in the Russian Federation

Published in journal "Administrative and municipal law", 2016-11 in rubric "Issues of administrative and municipal legal relationship", pages 888-894.

Resume: The responsibility of individuals is a poorly studied object of the constitutional responsibility theory. Among individuals with a special constitutional status of stay in the Russian Federation, should be reckoned all individuals, who dont possess the nationality of the Russian Federation as a basic right for stay on its territory, and displaced persons. The issues of responsibility of such individuals, resulting from their constitutional status, substantiate the necessity to consider the related legal provisions. To achieve this goal, the author applies the formal-legal and system methods, the methods of analysis and comparison. The author defines individuals with the special and the preliminary constitutional and legal status of stay in the Russian Federation or its part; the grounds of responsibility and the way of their distinguishing from the grounds of application of protective measures; reveals the gaps in legal consolidation of some grounds of responsibility; analyzes the scholars positions on recognition or non-recognition of any measures as constitutional sanctions; offers and substantiates her own variant of constitutional sanctions, which can be imposed on individuals with a special status.

Keywords: constitutional and legal sanctions, displaced persons, constitutional and legal responsibility, refugees, special constitutional status, stateless persons, foreign citizens, grounds of constitutional responsibility, deportation, administrative expulsion

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2807.2016.11.19335

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