'The Problem of Time in Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre in the Context of "Nothingness" and "Being of Consciousness."' Philosophy and Culture nbpublish.com
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Voropaev D.N. The Problem of Time in Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre in the Context of "Nothingness" and "Being of Consciousness."

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2016-10 in rubric "Dasein of the human being", pages 1450-1453.

Resume: In this article, based on the analysis of certain fragments of "Being and Nothingness", the author attempts to reconstruct the principle which underlies the concept of time created by Jean-Paul Sartre. The article shows that Sartre builds the concept of time upon his very own previously created model of being of consciousness. Sartre, clarifying conceptual environment in which the concept of time unfolds, describes the terms "past", "present" and "future" as a holistic measurement of time. The integrity of time is determined by the structure of "being of consciousness, because phenomenological description of the time is only possible when taken with connection to "human reality". The most important element of the model of being of consciousness, and thus, of the concept of time is the concept of "nothingness". The author considers the history of formation of Sartres philosophy up until Being and Nothingness while strongly adhering to the work being analyzed. The authors analysis is based on the method of historical and philosophical reconstruction.

Keywords: present, past, time, being, nothingness, Husserl, Heidegger, Sartre, future, consciousness

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2016.10.20630

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