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Veroneze M., Rimondi D. Michel Foucault Of Other Spaces. An open wound in the heart of the Western episteme

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2016-9 in rubric "Hermeneutics", pages 1313-1322.

Resume: The goal of this article is to demonstrate the relevance of Michel Foucaults thinking in interpretation of the epistemological questions, which lately have become the subject of discussion, and namely the question on the processes of differentiation of knowledge and its grounds. Turning to the analysis of Foucaults philosophy for the purpose of clarification of the aforementioned issue, the authors determine the specific dialectics that is based upon the notion of other spaces, within the framework of which the foundation can be established only by means of constitutive exception of its negative polis. At the same time, the authors raise the question posed in the beginning of Edmund Husserls Crisis: is it possible that the origin of such foundations is nothing except pure coincidence? The authors attempt to follow the stages of development of the main notions of Foucaults philosophy in his early works. The conclusion is made that the dialectic definition of other spaces serves as a guide of epistemological analysis, with the help of which we can ascertain the question about the origins of humanitarian sciences. Based on interpretation of the problem of constitution of science, the link between Foucault and the late Husserl is being established.

Keywords: Dialectical relation, Apriorism , Ontogenesis of knowledge, Foundations of sciences, Of Other Spaces, Philosophy of the limit, Historical a priori, Gesture of exception, Critical epistemology, Episteme

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2016.9.16774

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