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Abdrashitova I.V. Conceptual parallels of M. M. Bakhtin and M. Heidegger within the framework of the philosophy of illustration

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2016-9 in rubric "Frontiers and theories of knowledge", pages 1262-1267.

Resume: In the context of the philosophy of M. Bakhtin and M. Heidegger, this article demonstrates the conditions of establishment of the authorship responsible for its creative work and life action in general. The understanding of its own wholeness separated from everything else, as well as the presence of interconnected boundaries, suggests the presence of the author of the composition and responsible life. Authorship represents self-establishment in unity of responsibility and claiming yourself through the action. The phenomenon of the visual illustration of a book is being views as the example of presence or absence of the visible boundaries between semantic worlds. The article uses the method of intermediate analysis aimed at determination of various ways of interaction of heterogeneous creative discourses in space of their conceptual intersection; hermeneutic method of understanding and interpretation of the test, as well as the dialogical concept of M. M. Bakhtin for detection of the organic interlink of the visual practices with the language and style. This work is first to attempt to signify the general core of M. Bakhtins philosophy through the author-interpreter-reader link. The author introduces the notion of fractal into the philosophical circulation, which defines the structure of interpretation of a text. The conclusion is made that the authorship of the word and image leads to the mutual enrichments and responsible creative position; while the anonymity leads to simplification, blurring of the boundaries, and irresponsibility.

Keywords: Dialogue, Kunstdasein, Dasein, Philosophy of illustration, Cognition, Author, Interpretation, Fractal, Language, Text

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2016.9.17364

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