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Korolev A.S. Formation and development of tier 2 air hubs

Published in journal "Trends and management", 2016-3 in rubric "Evaluations and trends", pages 314-319.

Resume: The object of this research is the tier 2 air cargo hubs. In examining the most efficiently functioning air hubs, the author analyzed the key factors that defined the progress in their development and presented the conclusions and their generalizing assessments. Analysis was conducted on the existing cases of formation and development of tier 2 hubs, presenting a short list of airports that have demonstrated the most substantial spike in development. Among them are: Istanbul Atatürk Airport (Turkey), Liège Airport (Belgium), São PauloGuarulhos International Airport (Brazil), and SoekarnoHatta International Airport (Indonesia). The key criterion for determining the tier 2 air hubs was the volume of cargo transferred, which ranged between 650-790 million tons and was distinguished by a high dynamic of growth. The authors contribution into the research of this topic consists in the development of an original innovative methodology for studying the term tier 2 hub and determination of criteria of the assessment of their efficiency. The author concludes that in addition to advantageous geographical location of the countries, the key factors of rapid development and transformation of airports into tier 2 air cargo hubs are the following: 1) efficient strategy for the airport with active involvement of direct foreign investments and modernization of infrastructure; 2) hosting major international events in the country; 3) partnership with major cargo companies; 4) presence of institutional foundation for multilateral cooperation (The Treaty on Open Skies); 5) attraction of highly qualified personnel and cooperation with the largest IT companies.

Keywords: Airport infrastructure, Geographical location, Air terminal, International airport, Rapid modernization, Business model, Investments, Open skies, Cargo throughput, Tier 2 air hubs

DOI: 10.7256/2307-9118.2016.3.17258

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