'The US Senate Debate on Safeguard Missile Defense System: Validity of Opinions Problem' History magazine: researches nbpublish.com
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Fedyushko D.I. The US Senate Debate on Safeguard Missile Defense System: Validity of Opinions Problem

Published in journal "History magazine: researches", 2016-4 in rubric "Issues of war and peace", pages 450-454.

Resume: This article discusses validity of opinions during the Senate debate on Safeguard missile defense system. The object of this research is senators arguments, presented after the decision-making on the problem. The author gives a detailed structure of their arguments and analyzes them. He pays special attention to senators statements on the US National Security or Safeguard technical characteristics. The author also defines influence of legislators arguments on the ideological split regarding the missile defense system. The main methods used in the articles are historical-typological and historical-systematic. The method of historical periodisation was used while reviewing the results of vote on missile defense issue. Research novelty lies in tracing connections between legislators argumentation and the ideological split in regards to the missile defense system. The authors particular contribution to the topic is represented by grouping senators arguments into several categories, which allows to expose their position. The article also approaches the problem of party split regarding the missile defense system.

Keywords: Cold War, Stance, Decision, Anti-missile defense, Safeguard, Voting, Senate, Split, Lawmakers, Survey

DOI: 10.7256/2222-1972.2016.4.15065

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