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Yakovleva E.L. Structural-conceptual analysis of the myth about glamor based on the concept of symbolic forms by Ernst Cassirer

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2016-8 in rubric "Meaning and silence", pages 1177-1183.

Resume: The goal of this article is to examine the modern myth about glamor from the perspective of Ernst Cassirers philosophy. Glamorous myth along with all mythical as a whole, possess the three structural components form of thought, contemplation, and life that reveals its content. It also aestheticizes the being, in which we can observe manifestation of the sacred, miraculous, and divine that encourages avoidance of reality. The myth becomes an eternal symbolic form, which encompasses glamorous narratives that makes it impossible to distinguish between the real and fictional. The author reveals that the traditional laws of mythopoeia (participation, metamorphose, similarity, identification of image and thing, antithesis of sacred and secular) are also present in modernity, acquiring glamorous modality. The three-part structure of a myth highlighted by E. Cassirer allows analyzing the contemporary glamorous narratives, in which the main characters are the archetypes of ancient gods.

Keywords: form of life, secular, sacred, form of meditation, form of thought, Ernst Cassirer, myth, glamor, staging, archetype

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2016.8.19448

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