'Historical-cultural memory in underground culture of the Russian regions: chronotope of the modern existence' Philosophy and Culture nbpublish.com
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Shchinova D.D. Historical-cultural memory in underground culture of the Russian regions: chronotope of the modern existence

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2016-7 in rubric "Philosophy and culture", pages 1062-1065.

Resume: In the current situation, it seems difficult to identify the underground culture of the Russian regions. At the same time, the underground culture is active and simultaneously coexists with the officially established by the cultural policy vector. Shifting away from the usual division of the "official/unofficial", the focus in determination of the underground culture was being switched onto spatial-timely perception of the modern representatives of the underground culture of Russian regions. This work used the methods of bibliographical analysis of the texts and scientific materials in the area of the underground art, deduction of the presented terminology, and based on this, synthesis of the new definition of the underground pertaining to the Russian regional culture as a whole. The author comes to a conclusion that the notion of timelessness in situation of the era of transformation becomes one of the defining aspects of the term underground culture, while the modern representative of the underground culture goes into shadows due to a strong persuasion that he is not capable of changing anything within the timely paradigm; however, the regional difference will consists just in the traditional understanding of time.

Keywords: philosophy of culture, chronotope of the modernity, underground, cultural marginality, cultural and historical memory, culture of Russian regions, cultural policy, theory of culture, casual culture, underground culture

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2016.7.19623

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