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Anokhin S.A. Legal regulation of education and bridging training of minor workers

Published in journal "Administrative and municipal law", 2016-7 in rubric "Administrative law, municipal law and issues in education", pages 593-596.

Resume: The research subject is the regulation of legal relationship in the field of education and bridging training of minor workers. The contemporary Russian legislation, regulating minor workers legal status, conforms to the generally accepted international legal regulations and allows ensuring the rights and freedoms guarantees of this category of citizens. The Labour Code of the Russian Federation has been the first in the history of labour legislation to include the chapter containing the general provisions regulating education and bridging training of minor workers, including apprenticeship agreement. General educational institutions graduates and other underage persons without a profession (speciality) acquire education or bridging training on a priority basis. The author analyzes the current legislation and develops the proposals about the improvement of legal regulation of labour of minors in the Russian Federation. The research methodology includes historical legal, analytical and comparative-legal methods. The scientific novelty of the study consists in the peculiarities of labour legislation application regarding underage persons. Minors enter legal relationship for the first time, without work experience, they need special health protection and work conditions. In the context of the factual increase of employment of minors, the problem of observance of their labour rights is especially urgent. The legal system contains significant drawbacks related to the protection of minors, including the insufficiency of the mechanisms of implementation of the adopted statutory instruments, the existence of a great number of complicated and contradictory departmental instructions, provisions and rules.

Keywords: list of professions, state, educational organization, student, employee, employer, conditions of training, professional training, legal status, minor workers

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2807.2016.7.18158

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