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Khrapov S.A. Social and cultural space of post-Soviet Russia: category, a phenomenon dynamics mechanisms

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2016-6 in rubric "Social philosophy", pages 834-841.

Resume: The subject of research in the article is a philosophical analysis of the socio-cultural space of post-Soviet Russia. Understanding the social and cultural space of post-Soviet Russia is presented in recognition of his phenomenological, geographical, social and anthropological bases. A significant aspect of the study is building a philosophical analysis of the socio-cultural space of post-Soviet Russia as a category and the phenomenon.The subject of the study is specified in the following sections of this article: Social and cultural space of post-Soviet Russia: an attempt categorical certainty "; "The structure and mechanisms of the dynamics of socio-cultural space of post-Soviet Russia: an attempt of modeling"; "The man in the socio-cultural space of post-Soviet Russian system: the attempt to comprehend."Research methodology is defined by a combination of comparative aksiological, socio-cultural and socio-ontological approaches. Understanding the content and structural processes of socio-cultural dynamics of post-Soviet Russia space conducted by conjugation of philosophical research methodology with categorical apparatus and methods of social psychology, social cognitive science.The scientific novelty of the research is to identify some of the key characteristics of the socio-cultural space of post-Soviet Russia: 1) socio-cultural space of post-Soviet Russia can be defined as an integral phenomenon, ontologically centered on a geographical and social reality of our country, combining the key parameters of its cultural and social development; 2) in the hierarchy of social spiritual phenomena - social and cultural space is the primary and most far-reaching, including defining such cultural phenomena as language, social memory, mentality, social unconscious, social consciousness, social and cultural identity, habitus; 3) along with defining cultural phenomenon in the structure of the socio-cultural space includes significant images (for example, the image of a vast geographical area of Russia; the image of the Motherland) and the types of social and cultural interaction (eg installation on the perception of the head of state as the protector of the people, traditionalism structure of everyday life); 4) the main mechanisms of the dynamics of socio-cultural space of post-Soviet Russia are: fixation, conflict, integration, deactualization actualization; 5) significant ontological attribute socio-cultural space of post-Soviet Russia is its anthropological in nature, for it is man in his epistemological and social (in all aspects) activity is, firstly, the main actor of its constituent phenomena (images, types of interaction), and secondly - the main carrier these key parameters.

Keywords: Post-Soviet Russia, Structure, Mechanisms of dynamics, Consciousness, Culture, Human, Society, Images, Types of cooperation, Sociocultural space

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2016.6.17887

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