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Zima V.N. Metaphysics of objective time in the modern philosophical understanding: problems and prospects

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2016-6 in rubric "Space and time", pages 797-804.

Resume: The subject of this research is the objective time as one of the possible approaches towards understanding of time in philosophy and as a category of metaphysics, as well as the peculiarities of the category of objective time as a subject of cognition. The author conducts explication and complex analysis of the main difficulties that are faced by the strategy of cognition of the objective time category within the modern analytical metaphysics. Among the main difficulties are the following: inability to gradually substantiate an objective nature of knowledge within the framework of the used in analytical metaphysics model of rationality; a rather spontaneous and restricted choice of categorical apparatus for the formation of the ontology of time, as well as their internal inconsistency; absence of a satisfactory solution of the problem of criteria for determination and choice of a true ontological theory of objective time. The article suggests an alternative strategy of cognition of the objective time in metaphysics, and formulates a list of its key positions. Scientific novelty consists in a comprehensive analysis of the objective time category as a subject of metaphysics. The key positions of the alternative strategy include: the establishment of correlation between the idea of objectiveness of time and the life conceptual questions, which allows suggesting an alternative view upon the idea on useful and useless metaphysics; consideration of the logical-theoretical model of time in unity with the metaphysical models of objective reality; use of the ideas on metaphysical referents of time. The author puts forward an assumption, according to which namely the category of objective time can become essential for the rebirth and successful development of the realistic metaphysics within the modern philosophy.

Keywords: ontology of time, metaphysics referents of time, metaphysics of time, ontology, metaphysics, real time, time, realism, ultimate reality, metodology of metaphysics

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2016.6.19346

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