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Karpovich O.G. Modern international conflicts and conflict contradictions in the emerging multipolar world

Published in journal "Trends and management", 2016-2 in rubric "Trends of world politics", pages 153-161.

Resume: This article is devoted to the study of basic contradictions and conflicts in today's globalized world, standing on the threshold of the formation of a new multi-polar political system. The object of study - the processes of formation of a new world system based on multipolarity, including - modern geopolitical and globalization processes. The subject of this study - the conflicts and contradictions in today's globalized world and the prospects of the Russian Federation to promote its national interests in the context of growing global instability. The purpose of this research - the identification and analysis of the basic contradictions and conflicts in the world today.The methodological basis of the research are systemic, structural and functional, comparative political approaches, methods of analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, observation.The author draws attention to the fact that the modern world is a complex web of interests of different states, national economies, multinationals, ethnic, religious and cultural communities. Completion of the "cold war", the emergence of areas of instability in Eurasia, Ukraine, the Middle East, the US drive for global leadership, the spread of Western values, the application of double standards have led to increased geopolitical, geo-economic, ethnic and religious conflicts, the emergence of a number of armed conflicts. In these circumstances, Russia should focus efforts on maintaining and strengthening its position in the confrontation with other powers in the geopolitical, geo-economic and cultural-civilizational sphere.

Keywords: diplomacy, international relations, global instability, world politics, Russia, geopolitics, international conflicts, contradictions, security, risks

DOI: 10.7256/2307-9118.2016.2.16608

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