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Dubovitskiy V.V. Art, beauty and the good in Plato's aesthetics

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2016-4 in rubric "Aesthetics", pages 546-558.

Resume: The reasoning of Plato on beauty, art is often criticized, especially from the time when the aesthetic sphere began to be understood as a purely autonomous (superficial interpretation of the concept of autonomy is not allowed to consider the phenomena of art and beauty in the long term benefits), and the usefulness of art, which Plato put acutely philosophical issues, has moved into the sphere of social-democratic ideology and social thought, has acquired a journalistic character. In this article the aesthetics of Plato is seen in the horizon of good ideas. Attempts to draw parallels between the critical reasoning of Plato on art and a number of ideas of such thinkers as J. Winkelmann, J. J. Rousseau, F. Nietzsche, S. Freud. So, we can talk about overcoming the habit of talking about art in general only in the positive sense, about the protest against the aesthetics of the passion as a socially harmful phenomenon, etc. In the context of reflections about the beauty and art reveals the comparison at first glance alien to each other phenomena - the "natural" man Rousseau, a citizen of the ideal state of Plato. The paper shows also how in the future the idea of the good of Plato develops the theme of pure pleasure - a theme that has continued in the areas of post-classical art, abstractionism and minimalism. In the context of the good ideas also emphasized the erotic relationship of the philosophy of Plato with the sphere of theology. In this article, we have used some of the principles of ontological studies, hermeneutics, and comparative and phenomenological methods. This study revealed a positive sense of criticism of Plato common "cave" views on art and beauty and is accented existential dimension of these phenomena in the philosophical aesthetics of Plato. All analogies and parallels given in the study, not random. They allow to identify a still relevant content of Plato's aesthetics, which as theentire Plato's philosophy, is a search of good, and its foundations within the human being.

Keywords: fun, use, imitation, passion, beauty, art, ontology, aesthetics, good, erotic experience

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2016.4.15599

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