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Garshin N.A. Patriotism and cosmopolitism in the conditions of the modern society: systemic analysis

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2016-4 in rubric "Social philosophy", pages 530-535.

Resume: The subject of this work is the systemic analysis of dialectic correlation between patriotism and cosmopolitism within the modern society. In the authors opinion, in the conditions of globalization, this issue gains new essences and aspects, as well as includes news questions which lead to the involvement of new disciplines for its solution. The goal of this work is the formation of such model of understanding of the global political and cultural space, which will encourage a maximal productive dialogue of cultures and its carriers, but produce minimal damage for the uniqueness of each culture and consider the rights of a human. The author concludes that the problem of interrelation and interaction between patriotism and cosmopolitism in order to reach the maximal efficiency, have to be solved systemically and comprehensively, or the attempt to improve the situation without taking into account one or another factors or parameter can negatively affect the social system. At the same time, a special role belongs to understanding, empathy into the cultural and historical specificity of the conflicting sides, which besides the practical implementation of these knowledge, carries an important social and pedagogical aspect in educating the current and future generations. In order to prevent interchange of the terms patriotism, nationalism, and Nazism, these aspects should be better explained; and in order to prevent the spread of extremism among youth, the should know the real life of other nations alongside their living conditions, which will increase tolerance on one hand, and also preserve patriotism as love and pride for their own country, but eliminating the hatred towards other nations, on the other. The scientific novelty consists in the systemic approach and integration of various issues into e unified complex, which allows lowering the risks of the improper solution of the problem, as well as the possible negative consequences during the course of its solution.

Keywords: fascism, humanism, tolerance, systems approach, patriotism, cosmopolitanism, social philosophy, modern society, policy, global problems

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2016.4.14883

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