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Karyakin V.V. Political mediametrics: a book about how the fourth power rules the world

Published in journal "Conflict Studies / nota bene", 2016-1 in rubric "Reviews", pages 86-89.

Resume: Book Review: Nikolaichuk IA Political mediametrics. Foreign media and Russia's Security: monography. / IA Nikolaichuk; Ros. Inst strategist. Issled. - M .: RISS, 2015 - 230, [20] p. : Ill. The work of a senior researcher of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, IA Nikolaichuk "Political mediametrics. Foreign media and the security of Russia" is dedicated to researching the activities of foreign media in analytics, and the information space by the methods of statistical processing of published materials in order to identify and analyze the dynamics of the disposition of the so-called "fourth power" towards Russian Federation, forming public opinion and, ultimately, the policies of country leaders on in global politics. The methodological basis of the research includes the systemic, structural and functional, comparative political approaches, methods of analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, observation. The interest directed towards this work is due to the fact that the issue of forming public opinion and media influence on public policy is considered by the author is not in theoretical terms, but based on the analysis of a large volume of materials that are published abroad that cover the policy of Russian leadership on pressing international issues over the past few years. It ensures a high degree of reliability of the study's results, and allows to create an information system for monitoring the situation using the methods proposed by the author of political mediametrics that were developed based on personal professional experience in the Russian analytical agencies.

Keywords: political system, Russia, World politics, Global instability, International relations, Diplomacy, Interests, State, Security, USA

DOI: 10.7256/2409-8965.2016.1.17755

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