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Administrative and municipal law

Baldina A.S. Theoretical aspects of occupational retraining and skills improvement of public servants

Abstract: A continuing professional education in the sphere of public service is a key factor of an administrative reform, and is central to the system of personnel training for public administration. The research subject includes various aspects of employment education and skills improvement of public servants. The author attempts at studying the legal framework regulating the sphere of employment education of public servants and revealing the gaps in the legal regulation of this sphere. The research methodology is based on the dialectical research method. The author applies the methods of analysis, analogy and legal provisions studying. The author detects the gaps and collisions in legal regulation of the sphere of a continuing professional education of public servants. On the base of the analysis of the legal base and law enforcement practice, the author offers the ways of eliminating the existing legal gaps in the current legislation of the Russian Federation in this sphere. 


programs of continuing education, training, skills improvement, occupational retraining, system of continuing education, state order, public servants, final state certification, official state documents, professionalism of public servants

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