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Moroshkina M.V. Comparative analysis of the economic and social differentiation on the example of bordering regions of the Russian Federation and Finland

Published in journal "Politics and Society", 2016-3 in rubric "Social studies and monitoring", pages 345-352.

Resume: This article explores the socioeconomic development of the bordering regions (on the example of Russia and Finland). Within the framework of this work, the author considers a number of economic and social indexes, which will allow assessing the level of regional development and the level of regional differentiation. The article conducts a comparative analysis of the bordering regions and detects the factors that define the differences in dynamics of its fundamental indexes. The object of the research is the economy of the bordering regions of Russia and Finland, while the subject is the process of differentiation of economic development of the regions. The work is based on the works of Russian and foreign scholars in the field of dynamics of the processes of spatial development and regional economy. Scientific novelty consists in the following: The peculiarities of economic development of the bordering regions of Russia and Finland are being determined; A comparative analysis of a number of economic and social factors, which significantly affect the level of economic development of the bordering regions, is being conducted; It is determined that that the factors affecting the economy of the bordering regions of Russia noticeably differ from those of Finland; The interregional differentiation of the bordering regions is being detected on both, the federal level, as well as the international level. The author concludes that the specificity of differentiation of the bordering regions of the Russian Federation is the strengthening of inequality of the territories associated with the differences in the production structure, and the trends of differentiation of the Finnish territories to the most extent are characterized by the concentration of the resources.

Keywords: Economic differentiation of the regions, Bordering regions, Regional development, Economic potential, Gross regional product, Comparative analysis, Social differentiation, Theory of administration, Dynamic of economic development, Average nominal rate

DOI: 10.7256/1812-8696.2016.3.13337

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