'Analysis of the acts of unlawful interference into the work of civil aviation' National Security / nota bene nbpublish.com
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Knyazeva E.A. Analysis of the acts of unlawful interference into the work of civil aviation

Published in journal "National Security / nota bene", 2016-1 in rubric "Administration and maintenance of security systems", pages 5-11.

Resume: The subject of this article is the positions of the international legal acts dedicated to the fight against the acts of unlawful interference into the work of civil aviation. The object is the two groups of public relations: those that characterize actions threatening the freedom of air navigation; and those that characterize the preventions of such infringements. The author thoroughly examines the entire existing list of acts of unlawful interference into the work of civil aviation, determines which acts currently are most common. Special attention is given to the countermeasures against the reviewed acts, as well as which place within the system of measures belong to the international agreements and conventions. The analyzed in the course of this research list of acts of the unlawful interference into the work of civil aviation was enacted by the International Organization of Civil Aviation; however, the author notes that there is no precise and full gradation of such acts by types. Due to this fact, besides the existing international classification of the acts, and taking into account the latest accidents in the area of civil aviation, the author also detects other acts of the unlawful interference and the countermeasures against them.

Keywords: unlawful interference, aircraft, Convention, seizure, civil Aviation, air terrorism, the international cooperation, security, opposition, action system

DOI: 10.7256/2073-8560.2016.1.17921

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