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Ostroushko A.V. Application of classifiers in executive authorities management

Published in journal "Administrative and municipal law", 2016-3 in rubric "ADMINISTRATIVE AND MUNICIPAL LAW AND THE PROBLEMS OF INFORMATIZATION", pages 253-258.

Resume: The article is prepared within the scientific research work Improvement of legal regulation of information relations in the executive authorities system. The research focuses on the improvement of the contemporary administrative and information legislation, the development of scientifically grounded proposals aimed at legal regulation of systematization and codification of functions and responsibilities within the system the executive authorities in the context of the developing information society. The author analyzes the existing systematization of functions and responsibilities within the system of executive authorities for the purpose of optimization of state (local) administration in related spheres, and improvement of the procedures of interaction between state, physical and legal entities; reveals the advantages and shortcomings of classifiers application in the sphere of management according to the parameters of the system of executive authorities, functions of executive authorities, classifiers, registers and standards of documenting managerial information in terms of the resources of information technologies. The main research methods are analysis and synthesis. The author also applies the general scientific method, the comparative-legal method and the system approach. The author concludes that in the context of the information state and interdepartmental interaction, separate application of various classifiers is insufficient, therefore they should be created in the electronic form, since the paper form of registration of complicated relativistic connections is inconvenient and unclear; they should have matrixes of interrelations and correspondence of classifiers. Eventually, it is planned to create a single mechanism and a system of management for all information resources, which will provide the correspondence of data about particular objects or subjects of legal relations and their provision in the necessary volume.

Keywords: information relations, executive authority, classification, administrative reform, quality of management, list, register, information state, interdepartmental interaction, standardization of managerial information, information relations, executive, classification, administrative reform, quality of management, registry, register, interagency cooperation, standardization management information

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2807.2016.3.16082

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