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Svetlov I.A., Zabaykalov A.P. Some Aspects of the 'Entrepreneurial Activity' Concept Content in Cases of Tax Disputes

Published in journal "Financial Law and Management", 2015-4 in rubric "Taxation of natural persons", pages 427-431.

Resume: Based on judicial practices, the authors of the present article are trying to answer the question whether entrepreneurial activity can be considered as the situation when a property owner (physical entity) leases the property he or she owns. The subject of the present research is the contradictions arising between tax authorities and taxpayers regarding the matter. The authors note that providing that the tax legislation does not offer its own definition of 'entrepreneurial activity', law enforcement officials have to apply provisions of civil law. In this case, uncertain legal statements cause the need to view circumstances of a particular case. The methodology of the research is based on traditional legal principles, techniques and methods such as dialectics, analysis, synthesis, analogy and deduction and etc. The authors conclude that the situation when a physical entity leases out his property obtained for personal, family and other purposes can't be considered as entrepreneurial activity. Accordingly, the rent isn't considered as a revenue obtained in a result of entrepreneurial activity.

Keywords: judicial practice, entrepreneurial (business) activities, tax, rent, tax dispute, individual, entrepreneur (businessman) , citizen, rental fee, income.

DOI: 10.7256/2310-0508.2015.4.16784

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