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Napso M.D. Risks of globalization for the national tradition

Published in journal "Politics and Society", 2016-2 in rubric "The heritage of transformation", pages 129-134.

Resume: The object of this article is the phenomenon of tradition, while the subject is the globalization as a risk factor for the development of the national tradition in its broad understanding. The author explores the specific peculiarities of the process of globalizations that affect the concept of tradition, as well as examines the tendencies of universalization, unification, diversification, and their contradictory influence upon the national tradition and the forms of its manifestation. The article analyzes the questions of evolution of the tradition, the correlation between tradition and innovation in the conditions of post-modernity, the interrelation of global and local, as well as the risks of globalization for the national-cultural identity. The scientific novelty consists in the grounds of the position of justification of tradition by the modern processes of globalization. The author substantiates the thesis on the necessity of the comprehensive analysis of the impact of the globalization risks upon the development of the national tradition, and claims that the research on correlation between the global and local becomes most demanded.


DOI: 10.7256/1812-8696.2016.2.17374

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