'Labour dispute-settlement with participation of a foreign element within the BRICS coun-tries: the example of Russia, India and South Africa' Law and Politics nbpublish.com
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Belikova K.M. Labour dispute-settlement with participation of a foreign element within the BRICS coun-tries: the example of Russia, India and South Africa

Published in journal "Law and Politics", 2016-2 in rubric "Conflict: tools of stabilization", pages 254-261.

Resume: The article touches upon certain issues of labour dispute-settlement with participation of a foreign element within the BRICS countries on the example of Russia, India and SAR, and continues the study, initiated in the article Some issues of labour dispute-settlement with participation of a foreign element within the BRICS countries: the example of Brazil and China (Law and Politics, 2015). The author's attention is concentrated on the litigation and conciliation-arbitration methods of resolving disputes in the context of the courtbased and out-of-court (prejudicial) forms of settlement, as well as subjective-objective predetermination of any processes.This work is done with the use of the following scientific methods: systemic analysis and synthesis of normative acts and practical materials, formal and dialectical logic: analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, hypothesis, analogy, and special methods of legal studies comparative legal and historical-legal, systemic analysis and interpretation of legal norms.Scientific novelty of the research is determined by the fact that this work is essentially the first comprehensive and systematic study of the problems of legal framework of labor relations complicated by a foreign element within the BRICS countries in modern conditions. The problems of Russia and foreign countries-participants of the BRICS - Brazil, India, China and South Africa have been recently attracting the attention of economists, scientists, politicians. However, the article contains the results of solving fundamentally different tasks, thus current scientific material and labour laws two of the five BRICS countries have been collected and analyzed in the context of labour dispute-settlement within their legal orders.

Keywords: settlement in court, foreign element, labor law, SAR, India, Russia, BRICS, out-of-court settlement, ILO Conventions, adjudication

DOI: 10.7256/1811-9018.2016.2.16846

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