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Mikhaylova A.M. Theatre of philosophical romanticism: V. G. Sakhnovsky in the Komissarjevsky Theatre

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2016-1 in rubric "Philosophy and art", pages 150-157.

Resume: This article is dedicated to the early years of the creative work of the Russian film director Vasily Grogorievich Sakhnovsky in the Komissarjevsky Theatre (1914-1919). The object is the process of formation of the creative method of Sakhnovsky. We should point out to the several subjects of research, which are usually understood as peculiarities of establishment of the creative method of the film director: influence of the theoretical concept of theatrical romanticism and stage of F. F. Komissarjevsky, influence of the cultural context of the early XX century upon the creative method of the film director (philosophy of symbolism, V. Ivanov), later self-reflection of the artist presented in the theoretical and stage works (spectacles Requiem, Lulu). Scientific novelty consists in the fact that based on the recently published and yet unpublished sources, for the first time an attempt is made to reconstruct the history of the Komissarjevsky Theatre. The author conducts a systemic analysis of the specifics of formation of the creative method of V. G. Sakhnovsky, who for a long time was out of sight within the Russian theatre historians. The author comes to the following conclusions: the theory of romantic theatre and mutual stage experience of F. F. Komissarjevsky and V. G. Sakhnovsky became the theoretic-philosophical and practical foundation of the directorial method of Sakhnovsky, as well as determined his further development; on the other hand, the analysis of independent works of Sakhnovsky and circumstances of his conflict with Komissarjevsky detected flaws in the forming directorial technique of Sakhnovsky.

Keywords: creative method, directing, Komissarzhevsky, Sakhnovsky, symbolism, romanticism, theater, philosophy, Komissarjevsky Theatre, studio theater

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2016.1.17058

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