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Korolev S.A. Government: goal-setting and worldview

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2016-1 in rubric "Social philosophy", pages 60-70.

Resume: This article examines government as a specific constituent of the historical action, its interrelation with the nation and civil society, as well as characteristic to it algorithms of perception of reality and the effect upon it. A special attention is given to the analysis of the common to government type of rationality and formed by it worldview. An important place belongs to the characteristic of the two types of governments creative and reactive. A special attention is given to the functioning of the reactive government, ways of its self-preservation, mechanisms of providing control over the society, as well as the prospects of the development of society itself under the similar circumstances. The author differentiates the notions of state and government, which allows him to identify a number of typological conflicts between the state (as a combination of institutions) and the government (as a political regime). Scientific novelty of the methodological approach consists in the ability to annihilate the whole layer of government mythology, which particularly suggests to identify the government and the state, and detect an entire chain of conflicts, without understanding of which it is impossible to establish control of the civil society over the government, as well as full functionality of the government institutions.

Keywords: government, state, society, rationality, goal-setting, reactivity, worldview, creativity, reality, national idea

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2016.1.16311

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