'The interaction of international, supranational (supra-state), and constitutional law ' Law and Politics nbpublish.com
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Chirkin V.E. The interaction of international, supranational (supra-state), and constitutional law

Published in journal "Law and Politics", 2016-1 in rubric "Theory", pages 6-14.

Resume: The article discusses the creation of integration regional international associations, which at times become not only international unions, but also acquire elements of certain public power, a particular public-legal form, and can create its regional supranational (supra-state) law. At this time it fully applies only to the European Union, but other integration unions can also follow this path (for example, the EAEU). Using the methods of political science, science of state, and comparative-legal methods of studying this new phenomenon, the author concludes that in the EU there is an incomplete public power sui generis, which is not a state power, but has elements of statehood, operates special supranational law, which takes precedence over the law of member-states, and changes the concept of state sovereignty. Its member-states retain state sovereignty, but self-restrict some of its elements. But all of this takes place only within certain framework: certain sovereign rights and government powers voluntarily transferred to the EU by the member-states.

Keywords: constitutionalism, EAEU, supra-state law, Supranational law, Public-legal form, European Union, Regional organizations, international law, supranational law, constitutional law

DOI: 10.7256/1811-9018.2016.1.16798

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