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Ursul A.D. Vector of Futurization: Turn to the Research of the Future

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2015-12 in rubric "Space and time", pages 1767-1776.

Resume: In his research Ursul describes peculiarities of the future and makes a proposal about possible researches of this phenomenon which does not yet exist. The author views the turn towards the future in different activities as the futurization process. The researcher also discusses the principle of temporal integrity that acts as some kind of the 'time conservation law' and reflects the need for taking into account the relationship and quantitative parameters of the three worlds of time (the past, the present and the future). From the point of view of the principle of temporal integrity the futurization process of human activity means improving the temporal strategy of such activity. The anticipation phenomenon is aligned with accelerated futurization includinganticipatory reflection and development. It is underlined that global catastrophes can be prevented only as a result of anticipatory decisions and actions which significantly boosts up interest in researching the future. The researcher has mostly used futurological prognosis, noospheric and other methodological approaches to researching the future as well as synergetic, probabilistic, evolutionary historical and interdisciplinary approaches, principles of temporal integrity, globalism and cosmoglobalism. According to the author, there are spontaneous futurization and deliberate futurization, the latter being related to the definition of futurization as an intentional activity feature, which is illustrated by the transition towards sustainable development and noospherogenesis. Special attention is paid to the types of futurization as anticipatory activities and anticipatory development, which increases interest in futurology, prognosis, foresight and other researches of the future. The author demonstrates that the movement of time from the past to the future through the present called 'the arrow of time' is conditioned by the inflation phase of the Big Bang, the 'birth' of the Universe and further expansion thereof. It is underlined that the inflation period demonstrated the super-fast and therefore anticipatory futurization. Noteworthy that there are new arguments proving this hypothesis today.

Keywords: sustainable development, forecasting, arrow of time, worlds of time, futurization, inflationary futurization, future, temporal integrity, anticipatory reflection, research of future

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2015.12.15703

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