'Towards e-government: foreign and international experience in e-justice' Law and Politics nbpublish.com
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Gulemin A.N. Towards e-government: foreign and international experience in e-justice

Published in journal "Law and Politics", 2015-12 in rubric "JUDICIAL POWER", pages 1714-1718.

Resume: This article presents the generalized analysis of the e-justice systems implemented and operating in the foreign countries, which characterize main trends of development of this process in the world. The author examines the most successful projects of e-justice systems on Singapore, Turkey, Croatia, and Belgium. The key principles of functioning of this systems, as well as characteristic features of each system are being determined. It is ascertained that the development of e-justice systems in foreign countries is taking place within the framework of such large projects as e-management, and complies with the general goal of simplification of cooperation between the citizens and government authorities. In the course of this research, the author indicates the positive, as well as the negative aspects of implementation of the e-justice system. In terms of using the e-justice, professional lawyers become practically the necessary intermediaries between the citizens and the judicial authority, which can hinder the access to justice and increase the court costs of both sides. The implementation of such systems in impossible not only without introduction of changes into the current procedural codes, but also without a thorough analysis on all levels of threats to an individual, society, and the state from spread of such conduct of court proceedings.

Keywords: civil proceedings, arbitration proceedings, information society, e-management, information systems, court proceedings, e-government, e-justice, information law, justice

DOI: 10.7256/1811-9018.2015.12.17059

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