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Napso M.D. The risks of nationalistic ideology

Published in journal "National Security / nota bene", 2015-6 in rubric "Humanitarian support of national security", pages 892-899.

Resume: The object of this research is the philosophy of nationalism, while the subject is the risks that emerge upon the foundation of nationalistic ideology. The authors examine the contradictory nature and dichotomy of nationalism and ethnocentricity, which lead to risks of various type and effect. A special attention is given to the analysis of the factors contributing to the rise of nationalistic attitude and ideologemes. The work demonstrates the influence of the processes of economic stratification upon the spread of nationalism and various forms of its manifestation. The authors substantiate the demand for this issue by the scientific community and public consciousness. The novelty consists in substantiation the thesis on the nationalistic ideologys dependence on the conditions of social practice and peculiarities of ethnic development. The main results consist in the following in the following theses: 1) under the conditions of expansion of the space of multinational world, the problem of nationalism requires research that is adequate to the socio-historical context; 2) from the perspective of threats to national security, a special importance lies in the analysis of risks and negative consequences of nationalistic ideologies.

Keywords: national interest, national identity, mentality, ethnic discrimination, ethnocentrism, nationalism, tolerance, clannishness, risk, conflict

DOI: 10.7256/2073-8560.2015.6.16077

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