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Trofimova R.P. The Cultural Policy of the Russian Civilization: Methodological Aspects

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2015-10 in rubric "Philosophy and culture", pages 1548-1556.

Resume: Cultural policy is an integral part of Russia's development as a local independent civilization. The civilizational approach to the development of culture in Russia qualitatively alters the research of these processes and enables scenarios of its development. The author of the article provides a complete analysis of the civilizational approach in the form of tables. Trofimova also provides a comparative research of the differences between the civilizational and formational approaches and their application to civilization studies and cultural policy.The results of this analysis allow to foresee the development of the three scenarios: progression, retrogression and stagnation.This research examines the development of these scenarios in the cultural policy of the Russian civilization in the post-Soviet period. First the author suggests that we should research different scenarios of the development of the Russian civilization. Based on the results of that analysis, the author provides a detailed description of different scenarios of the development of cultural policy in Russia.Due to the fact that Russian civilization is now in the process of selecting a preferred scenario, in the coming years cultural policy will develop contradictionary and will aim at a more stable line of development. The novelty of the civilizational approach described and used by the author of the article is caused by the fact that the author views cultural policy as a special algorithm of local civilization. According to the author, this algorithm defines the further development of Russian civilization in many ways.

Keywords: cultural heritage, development scenarios, civilizational approach, algorithm of local civilization, cultural and economic systems, innovative local civilization, traditional civilization, culture, cultural policy, globalization

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2015.10.15842

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