'On the Question about Conceptual Self-Navigation. The Idea of Anthropoid Cartoid' Culture and Art nbpublish.com
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Smirnov S.A. On the Question about Conceptual Self-Navigation. The Idea of Anthropoid Cartoid

Published in journal "Culture and Art", 2015-6 in rubric "Question at hand", pages 603-610.

Resume: The author of the article introduces the idea of the personality map by using the category of "anthropoid cartoid". The author suggests that we should consider the problem of personal development from the point of view of a guide/map created by a person in the process of his personal development. The researcher underlines the need for creating such a map and at the same time stresses out how difficult it is to develop it.The latter is due to the fact that modern man is experiencing the "after Auschwitz" situation, a cultural pause, i.e. the time when previously adopted basic cultural symbols and patterns are either destroyed or fundamentally changed.The author demonstrates that a form of cultural transmission in such a situation is the testimony of one who has the ultimate anthropological experience. The author emphasizes the complexity and fraught with such experience in witnessing the 'after' situation. The author of the article introduces a number of principles forming the basis of the anthropological cartoid that differs from the usual personality map because it is bothan external tool for personal self-navigation and a diary/part of personality of a person who creates the map. The intruduction of the term 'cartoid' allows to point out peculiarities of personal development. The novelty of the article is caused by the fact that the author offers a definition of anthropoid cartoid and describes a number of the basic principles the anthropopractical method of creating the anthropoid cartoid is based on. The author emphasizes the need to work on creation of such anthropoid cartoids as the sitution of recession of the symbolic horizon of culture, i.e. the situation that was called The After Auschwitz Situation. The author stresses out the problem for transferring experience throughout generations in the after auschwitz situation characterized with the ontological emptiness and fundamental inability to transmit experience and cultural patterns. This emphasizes the need for creating a personality map that would be based on different principles rather than usual individual development pathways.

Keywords: symbolic horizon, tutor, culture conductor, personality map, situation of man, semantic self-navigation, anthropoid cartoid, egonal, evidence, after Auschwitz

DOI: 10.7256/2222-1956.2015.6.16629

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