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Nilogov A.S. Philosophical, Too Philosophical

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2015-9 in rubric "The stream of books", pages 1409-1413.

Resume: In his review of the book 'Unknown God of Philosophy' written by the doctor of philosophy, professor Vladimir Varava, Nilogov brings out the eternal issue regarding 'the purpose' of philosophy. This is the issue that has been existing ever since philosophy was created as a science. In his book Varava manages to relate the fact of existence (ontological argument) to the searches for the human dimension of philosophy (anthropological argument), thus putting today's philosophical anthropology to the methodological 'deadlock' regarding whether human future is possible without human-dimensioned philosophy, and whether future of philosophy is possible without philosophy-dimensioned beings. The author of the review article applies the problem method, historical-philosophical method, methods of analysis and synthesis and dialectical approach to discovering contradictions. Vladimir Varava's thesis that philosophy has to sacrifice the truth for the sake of finding human features in human, thus rejecting the essential definitions of both human and philosophy itself, needs to be critisized. This raises a question regarding what type of philosophy is suggested, anthropological ('human-dimensioned') philosophy (when human talks about philosophy), philosophical anthropology (when philosophy talks about human) or philosophy-dimensioned philosophy (when philosophy talks about philosophy).

Keywords: idol of philosophy, too human, philosophical anthropology, God, philosophy, existence, surprise, Varava, Ilyenkov, misanthropology

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2015.9.12785

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