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Gurevich P.S. There Will be a Storm, We Shall Bet...

Published in journal "Pedagogy and education", 2015-2 in rubric "The stream of books", pages 201-209.

Resume: In his article Gurevich reviews the two recently published books, 'Reason in Revlot: Marxist Philosophy and Modern Science' by Alan Woods and Ted Grant and 'Philosophy of Science: History and Methodology of Natural Sciences' by M. Rabadanova, O. Radjabova and M. Guseykhanova. In recent years the Canon+ Publishing has pubished a great number of works related to philosophical discoveries on the society. Their purpose is to cover the scope of contemporary social researches as fully as possible. Not always the truth is hidden in the most popular social brands. Therefore, Canon+ allows researchers from different countries, of different nationalities and scientific schools to express their views on social dynamics and patterns that define the development of not only exact but also humanitarian sciences. The present article describes the two books which authors follow the same conservative tradition. In one case, the purpose of the authors is to introduce the modern variant of Marxist philosophy to the readers. In the second case, Gurevich talks about the student's book which authors, as is right and proper for such works, try to avoid discussing controversial issues or unproved knowledge. In his article Gurevich offers a critical evaluation of the methodology of Marxist philosophy. In his critics the author tries to withdraw from the polemics with the modern science and philosophy and to apply the principles of Marxist philosophy. The author also bases his review on the approaches offered by modern philosophy that do not follow dogmatics or extremes of metaphysical reasoning. The novelty of the author's approach is caused by the fact that he enables a dialogue between different worldview traditions. In due time Marxist philosophy proved the efficiency and importance of its statements. However, many provisions of Marxist philosophy were later critisized and disapproved. General critisizing of Marxist philosophy had negative consequences as it was critisized almost by everyone in the 90s. Meanwhile, new challenges were outlined and many unexpected discovered were made. Those few scientists who still followed Marxist philosophy, both Russian and foreign ones, couldn't help but fence themselves off from new paradigms and continued to prove their point of view despite the fact that their statements failed to be efficient in the new age and time. According to the author, the second book on the philosophy of science also keeps to the 'noncontroversial' manner of research.

Keywords: reason, dialectics, humanities, genome, natural science, Marxism, philosophy, science, idealism, materialism

DOI: 10.7256/2306-434X.2015.2.15850

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