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Azhiba I.R. Evolution of criminal liability for making vehicles and communication lines useless

Published in journal "Police activity", 2015-5 in rubric "Police officer liability", pages 343-347.

Resume: The subject of the research is the legal regulation of liability for making vehicles and communication lines useless, starting with the 1922 Criminal Code of RSFSR. The object of the research is the range of social relations appearing in the result of making vehicles and communication lines useless. The author pays special attention to the legislators attitude to this crime in different historical epochs. Thus the author attempts to trace back the evolution of criminal liability for such crimes. The methodology of the research comprises the general scientific methods: dialectical and historical-legal, and special methods: formal-logical, comparative-legal and the method of legal modeling. The author comes to the conclusion that the volume and the measure of punishment had been changing depending on the dynamics of this type of crime. In the authors opinion, the current article of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Abkhazia on the recent stage of constructive development of the republic doesnt cover the existing requirements of provision of a guaranteed protection of the society and appropriate punishment for the committed criminal acts. The author supposes it necessary to amend the respective legal acts in relation to illegal, socially dangerous actions.

Keywords: article, punishment, making useless, communication lines, crime, dynamics, criminal liability, vehicles, evolution, legal act

DOI: 10.7256/2222-1964.2015.5.16580

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