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Idrisova L.R. New Stage of Anti-offshore Policy

Published in journal "Financial Law and Management", 2015-3 in rubric "Tax law of foreign countries", pages 366-381.

Resume: The research subject of this article is the anti-crisis measures proposed at the G20 summit to combat offshore zones and their negative impact on the stability of the global economy. The author of the article has shared his opinion regarding the fundamental decisions on reforming the global tax policy and analyzed regulations that were designed to make international business more transparent and to limit the outflow of national capital as well as international experience in combating offshore including the experience of Russia, the United States and the European Union. In her research the author has applied general research methods (comparison, analysis, synthesis, abstraction and generalization) and specific research methods (formal dogmatic method, comparative law method, etc.). It is concluded that the global economic and financial crisis, which revealed and exacerbated a number of problems of the modern financial system, has attracted special attention to the phenomenon of the offshore. The main emphasis of the international anti-offshore policy is made on the transparency of the offshore jurisdictions from the point of view of availability of information to detect violations of national laws.

Keywords: national legislation, offshore, anti-offshore policies, offshore zone, taxes, tax policy, European Union, United States, tax haven, financial system

DOI: 10.7256/2310-0508.2015.3.16235

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