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Patrikeev P.A., Ostroushko A.V. On the necessity of international restriction of confidential information collection by special services

Published in journal "Police activity", 2015-4 in rubric "The police and protection of human rights", pages 189-197.

Resume: The problem of personal data protection has become particularly urgent in the light of the recent disclosure of facts of mass spying on the Internet users by special services. The authors of the article study the work of the NSA with confidential information of the Americans and the citizens of other countries in order to reveal personal information security threats, the main problems of the right to privacy observance in the activities of government services and the ways to solve them. The authors apply the set of general scientific and special methods of socio-legal reality cognition. Among the general scientific methods the authors use the methods of analysis, synthesis, comparison and measurement. The comparative-legal approach is used as a special scientific method. The purpose of personal information security improvement requires a range of measures aimed at the effective protection of personal data and metadata. The authors conclude that the peculiarities of the modern transboundary data transmission and telecommunication networks organization reduce the efficiency of national legislation in the sphere of citizens personal data protection. In this situation these issues should be urgently regulated by the international law.

Keywords: international law, restrictions, collection of information, metadata, special services, Internet, confidential information, privacy, national security, Edward Snowden

DOI: 10.7256/2222-1964.2015.4.16213

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