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Yakovlev V.F. Legal Science and Modernization of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation

Published in journal "Journal of Foreign Legislation and Comparative Law", 2015-3 , pages 360-362.

Resume: Legal science, legislative process and law enforcement practice are not only interconnected, but also actively interact with each other. The science of civil law has a complex effect on the legislative process at all stages and phases. In particular, the science of civil law performs the functions of modeling, forecasting, verification of the effectiveness and timeliness of legislative developments in the formation of the sources and the system of civil legislation. Carrying out the functions of forecasting and modeling the capabilities and tools of science of civil law has been used in the preparation of legislative developments of corporate, exclusive, property law and law of obligations, including the latest developments of the Civil Code of Russia, which confirms the importance and relevance of legal researches in the light of the current legislative reforms. Active and continuous interaction of the legislative process and science of civil law is confirmed by the current activities of the Council for Codification and Enhancement of Civil Legislation under the President of the Russian Federation, to the tasks of which expert activities of bills in the field of legislation of civil law and definition of the strategy for further development of the national civil law in view of the harmonization of civil law countries the European Union are assigned.

Keywords: legal science, lawmaking process, law enforcement practice, the reform of civil legislation.

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