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Kretov V.V. On the foreign countries’ positive experience in the road sector legal regulation

Published in journal "Administrative and municipal law", 2015-8 in rubric "Administrative and municipal legal practice", pages 838-846.

Resume: The subject of the research is the positive experience of foreign countries in the sphere of legal regulation of the road sector management. The research object is the system and the structure of executive authorities of Germany and the USA and the methods of their activity. Special attention is paid to the possibility of use of the positive experience of Germany and the USA for the development of the system and the structure of executive authorities of the road sector of the Russian Federation and the country’s road network. The author uses the systems method, the comparative-legal, formal-logical, historical and other methods. The scientific novelty of the study lies in the analysis of the system and the structure of the executive authorities of Germany and the USA functioning, their interaction with road users, and the order of adoption of the legislation regulating the use of highways and the road works, the responsibility of authorities in these countries. 

Keywords: road funds, financing, road users, authorities, road legislation, foreign countries, road activities, road sector, development programs, road construction

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2807.2015.8.15918

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