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Starkin S.V. United States military strategy concepts with regards to China

Published in journal "National Security / nota bene", 2015-4 in rubric "External threats and countermeasures", pages 577-590.

Resume: The coming shifts in the regional military balance away from the United States and its allies towards China can lead to a deformation of the American containment policy. The goal of this article, which represents a logical continuation of a number of other works of the author on the problems of regional security in the Asia-Pacific Region, is the analysis of Washingtons main military strategic approaches with regards to the Peoples Republic of China and forecast of the development of military political situation upon the mid-term prospects. A number of American experts claim that in an event of a military conflict the United States will have no choice but to dominate the military forces of China and neutralize its ability to restrict and prevent access to separate territories, blocking of certain zones and maneuvers within them (concept A2/AD), using a number of offensive and defensive means, including targeting objects on the territory of China with non-nuclear force. The author comes to the conclusion that American policy-making, headquarters, and expert-analytical structures are conducting a targeted work, aimed at maintaining their influence in the Asia-Pacific region.

Keywords: tactical weapons, strategic potential, international security, regional security, naval operations, military policy, China, Asia-Pacific region, USA, geopolitics

DOI: 10.7256/2073-8560.2015.4.15076

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