'The processes of military integration in the European Union from the perspective of the theory of neorealism' National Security / nota bene nbpublish.com
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Andryushin S.V. The processes of military integration in the European Union from the perspective of the theory of neorealism

Published in journal "National Security / nota bene", 2015-3 in rubric "System and interaction", pages 337-348.

Resume: The object of this research is the processes of military integration in the EU, which are being viewed through the prism of the theory of neorealism. After the end of the cold war and the collapse of the bipolar system of international relations neorealism has moved to a secondary position in the research on security. New threats and their perception required a fresh look at the subjects and objects of security. The new theories and approaches have taken the center stage within the research of international relations and security. A special attention is given to the concepts and hypotheses of neorealism. Their applied use the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union in the analysis allows us to shed light upon the nature of integrational phenomena and processes. The theoretical assessment of the processes of military integration is explained by the necessity to determine the driving force, character and preferences of the member-states, in order to be able to forecast the future vector of its development.

Keywords: Theory of neorealism, National interests, European Union, Integration, European security, European Defense Agency, Common resources, International security, Member-states, Defense potential

DOI: 10.7256/2073-8560.2015.3.15531

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