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Gurevich P.S. Unity by Quantum not Blood

Published in journal "Psychology and Psychotechnics", 2015-5 in rubric "Editor-in-Chief's column", pages 445-448.

Resume: The research subject of the present article is the influence of quantum reasoning on the phenomenon of ethnic identity. Throughout centuries ethnic self-identity has been maintained by uniform traditions and kin relationships. However, the 'blood factor' has been gradually replaced with other forms of social solidarity. It even seemed that ethnic awareness would be dissolved in the interior of social dynamics. Yet, it has turned out to be a more complex problem than it seemed to followers of Eurocentrism and ideologists of globalization. Ethnic mentality often revealed inexplicit roots, thereby reflecting the opposition between nature and society. Globalism has faced active forms of ethnic and national opposition to the general flow of history. In his article Gurevich has used achievements of ontological researches, acquirements of philosopho-historical reasoning, experience in comparing socio-cultural results and, finally, the most recent findings in physics and their effect on the development of the scientific picture of the world. For the first time in the academic literature Gurevich analyzes the drastic shift from ethnic identity to quantum reasoning that created new forms of social communities. There is growing belief in psychology that the picture of the world presented by quantum physics insists on the redevelopment of the entire social life of humankind. There is similar belief that history has prepared the breakthrough that would allow people to 'jump' into a new, and to a great extent, artificial world. Figuratively speaking, the call of the blood that has started ethnic awareness will be gradually replaced with the 'unity by quantum' or, more exactly, new means of human self-identity. The author stresses out that this is a complex and controversial process.

Keywords: psychology, ethnos, identity, tradition, quantum reasoning, sociality, lifestyle, nazification of humankind, multiculturalism, globalism

DOI: 10.7256/2070-8955.2015.5.15318

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