×čňŕňü ńňŕňüţ 'Thought betrothed by art. review of the book: Valentina Kholopova: “Fenomen Muziki” [“The phenomenon of music”]. Moscow: “DIRECT-MEDIA”, 2014. 384 P. ISBN 978-5-4458-6481-3 ' â ćóđíŕëĺ PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal íŕ ńŕéňĺ nbpublish.com
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A.V. Naumov Thought betrothed by art. review of the book: Valentina Kholopova: “Fenomen Muziki” [“The phenomenon of music”]. Moscow: “DIRECT-MEDIA”, 2014. 384 P. ISBN 978-5-4458-6481-3

Published in journal "PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal", 2015-1 in rubric "Reviews and Opinions", pages 99-101.

Resume: The author of the book is Doctor of Arts, Professor at the Moscow State P.I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Valentina Nikolayevna Kholopova. The object of the research is serious, classical music in general examined from the most varied sides: the history of the concept of “music,” the functions of music, the musical image, music as a language and musical intonation. A special direction of this work is the content of music, which has set the issues of comparison of “content” with “semantics” and “hermeneutics,” and has examined special concepts of music content – “specialized and non-specialized musical content” and “three sides of musical content.” Content is also examined in the triad of composer, performer and listener. Involving the psychological aspect led to the problems of conscious and subconscious in the perception of music, as well as psychological analysis of musical form. The axiological aspect has also been brought in due to the elaboration of criteria of artistic value in music. The methodology of research, thereby, became complex and interdisciplinary, having connected theoretical and historical musicology, the foundations of aesthetics, philosophy, semiotics, psychology, linguistics and axiology. The novelty of the work consists in the indicated complexity of methodology, making it possible to disclose previously undemonstrated features of the art of music – the correlation of the sides of content in various epochs, among various composers and performers, in various compositions, the differentiation of musical epochs according to the signs of canon and heuristics, the role of emotions in music, the manifestation of musical intonation in the phenomenon of sonority and pitch, the assertion of music as a language, the establishment of the role of the conscious and subconscious, the typology of listeners to music, and introduction of an original system of artistic value in music. This work merits to be translated into other languages, because of its fundamental nature, modernity and lack of precedent in world musicology.

Keywords: listener, musician-performer, canon and heuristics, psychology of form, musical language, musical content, intonation, image, music, artistic value

DOI: 10.7256/1339-4002.2015.1.14898

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