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Law and Politics

Popov E.A. Law and sociology: the experience of theoretical and applied cooperation

Abstract: This article is dedicated to the various aspects of participation of sociologists in forensic sociological evaluation. It demonstrates the difficulties and problematic areas in the development of social knowledge as a whole and sociology in particular, able to influence the quality and validity of the forensic analysis within the framework of a specific criminal investigation. The author proposes ways of increasing the level of forensic analysis by involving professional sociologists. A special attention is given to the review of the question of cooperation between sociology and law in the area of theory and practice. The main conclusions of the conducted research are the following: 1) a complex nature of the development of sociology and law proposes generalization of the experience of researchers not only on the theoretical, but also on the applied levels; 2) the key vector of cooperation of sociology and law includes forensic sociological evaluation.


forensic examination, legal system, human, norms, values, sociology, society, law, expertise, problems of Sociology

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