'Financial insurance of the rights of citizens and businesses on the safety of their funds' National Security / nota bene nbpublish.com
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Kolesnikov Yu.A. Financial insurance of the rights of citizens and businesses on the safety of their funds

Published in journal "National Security / nota bene", 2015-2 in rubric "Person and citizen within security systems", pages 319-326.

Resume: The subject of this research is the insurance of the safety of the funds of individuals and businesses in the Russian banks. The object of this research is the systems of Deposit Insurance Agency of Russia as a federal guarantee of the safety of the deposits. The goal of this work is to conduct the analysis of the system of insuring investments in the Russian Federation under the current circumstances, determining the problems and prospects of its development, and thus proposing a number of legislative initiatives in order to achieve them. The author provides a detailed review of such aspects as determination of the intricacies of the system of insuring financial investments in the Russian Federation, and analytical overview of the experience of federal deposit insurance in the foreign countries. A special attention is given to the ongoing crisis situation within the banking industry and the possible ramifications.

Keywords: deposit insurance system, business, individual, insurance, bank, guarantee, deposit, Bank investment, insured investment, mandatory insurance

DOI: 10.7256/2073-8560.2015.2.14632

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