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Kretov V.V., Sevryugin V.E. On the necessity of establishing of administrative responsibility for offences in the sphere of road economy of the Russian Federation

Published in journal "Administrative and municipal law", 2015-4 in rubric "Liability in administrative and municipal law", pages 380-387.

Resume: The article analyzes the provisions of the Federal law "On automobile roads and road activities" and Code of the Russian Federation "On administrative offences" regarding imposition of administrative responsibility for both road users (individuals and legal entities) and officers of the traffic control sector for violations in repair, roads maintenance and safety. The authors propose the measures for improvement of the legislation on administrative offences, including toughening of responsibility and introduction of additional chapter in the Special part of the administrative code. The authors use the system, the comparative legal and the formal logical methods. The improvement of the Code Of The Russian Federation "On administrative offences" and the Federal law "On automobile roads and road activities.." No. 257-FL dated 8.11.2007 through the inclusion of new rules on liability in the sphere of roads and road-related activities, will allow not only to improve the responsibility system of road users and organizations involved in the operation of roads, but also to codify the responsibilities of road management, as well as their managers.

Keywords: officials, road users, administrative offences, road legislation, administrative responsibility, road activities, roads, administrative fine, individuals, legal entities

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2807.2015.4.14614

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