'On the issue of the role of the head of the body of Internal Affairs in the organization of effective management of police officers education' Police activity nbpublish.com
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Afonkin G.P., Kuzmin A.V. On the issue of the role of the head of the body of Internal Affairs in the organization of effective management of police officers education

Published in journal "Police activity", 2015-1 in rubric "Police staffing", pages 47-52.

Resume: The subject of the article is the problem of effective management of education of the Internal Affairs bodies of the Russian Federation personnel. The object of this article includes public relations, which relate to the implementation of the educational process in the bodies of Internal Affairs. The authors detail the problem of disciplinary practices. Special attention is paid to the role of the head of the ATS in this process, who should build on the positive experience of the use of techniques, methods and ways of educating subordinates. Considerable attention is paid to the issues of raising the level of educational culture and the head of the MIA.The authors used the general philosophical, theoretical, empirical methods (dialectics, system, method, analysis, synthesis, analogy, deduction, observation, modeling), the traditional legal methods (formal-logical, comparative law), the methods used in the concrete sociological research (statistics, expert opinions, and other).The authors identified the important issues related to the educational process carried out in the sphere of Internal Affairs. The specific contribution of the authors is that they revealed the problem of formation of professional and competent, culturally, psychologically stable employee of the Internal Affairs bodies. The novelty of this paper lies in the fact that it made the conclusion about the need for more effective management of the process of educating police officers, the head of the body of internal Affairs.

Keywords: Rise, composition, efficiency, Ministry of interior, police, management, education, pedagogy, morality, system

DOI: 10.7256/2222-1964.2015.1.14319

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